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Work as an Online Clinician with CarePaths

CarePaths launched a new online therapy platform which uses secure text messaging, audio, and video therapy modalities to connect clinicians and clients seeking behavioral health therapy. Other well-known online therapy platforms, such as Talkspace and BetterHelp, also offer similar services.

We are seeking licensed clinicians to join our network and are accepting applications from all states. Our clinician users also enjoy competitive pricing on our highly affordable Practice Management & Electronic Health Record platform: CarePaths EHR.

Benefits of being an online clinician:

  • • Receive online therapy referrals from new clients
  • • Create a new stream of revenue for your practice
  • • Gain flexibility in where and when you work
  • • Fill your unused or open hours
  • • Access a broader range of clients who were previously inaccessible

Our platform can also send you online referrals, take care of your billing, and provide operational support. We manage everything, except the counseling you will provide!

Here’s how the platform works:

  • • Prospective clients sign up at the CarePaths website or by downloading our mobile app (available for iOS & Android devices)
  • • Clients pay CarePaths a weekly or monthly subscription fee for unlimited messaging therapy
  • • For an additional fee, clients can request teletherapy (i.e. audio or video therapy) which is billed separately
  • • Clients are matched with clinicians based on the information they provide upon sign-up (e.g. state where they reside), and by our platform matching their concerns with the treatment specialties you provide as a clinician when you sign up
  • • Once you receive a match, you and your client use the platform through your preferred web-browser or mobile device
  • • CarePaths will provide you with a clinician’s training manual and other support materials after sign-up

Clinicians must meet the following requirements:

  • • License to practice counseling in one (or more) states
  • • Malpractice insurance
  • • Reliable internet connection and technology device
  • • Excellent writing skills

Before you sign up, you must understand the following:

Messaging therapy is mainly asynchronous. Clients will be able to message you 24/7. Clinicians are expected to respond at least once per day, at the times that work for them and their clients, 5 days a week.

The cost for the client is $40/week or $159/month. Unlike other well-known online therapy platforms that compensate clinicians with 50% or less of their collected fees, CarePaths pays our clinicians about 80% of the fees collected (minus credit card transaction fees). This means you can expect to collect $30.77 for week-to-week subscriptions and $122.29 for monthly (4 weeks) subscriptions.

Clinicians and clients can also arrange teletherapy sessions as needed, increasing your compensation potential. The cost for the client for teletherapy services is $49 for a 25-minute session, of which $39.20 is paid to the clinician (minus credit card transaction fees).

We are currently offering clients an initial trial week at a discounted fee of $25 for messaging therapy only. Clinicians will be compensated the full $25 for that week, minus the credit card transaction fees.

Clinicians who participate with CarePaths are independent practitioners, not employees of CarePaths. Because we want to make this an attractive option to therapists, we intend to limit the size of our network to ensure a sufficient referral base. We also cannot guarantee client availability or the online referral volume you can expect.

It’s easy to register as an online clinician with CarePaths!

  • • Visit and select “Sign Up as a Therapist”
  • • Follow the instructions, complete your profile, and upload your required documents

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