Electronic Health Records Demo

Electronic Health Records Demo

Carepaths Online Behavioral EHR and Practice Management System has a variety of features and benefits and if you have been searching for an electronic health records system and come up short, we are here for you. CarePaths is the perfect EHR for any healthcare provider because it allows you to keep an electronic record of your practice management needs. CarePaths has many fantastic features so that your electronic medical records are organized and it is a tool that helps you build your practice. Our EHR system meets all of the ONC’s standards and our system even rivals HealthIts. If you are a health care provider who needs a practice management system, you came to the right place.

From Our Community

"I have been in practice full or part time as a Psychologist for over 28 years. The CarePaths system is the most efficient system of record keeping, patient and practice management, authorization tracking, claims management, and billing that I have ever used. With the addition of features recently added to the system, my office will be nearly paperless. As I anticipate retiring in several years, the problem of record repository will not be a significant issue. The customer service at CarePaths is exceptional. Any processing difficulty is usually solved within a day. This system is head and shoulders an improvement over the two forms of proprietary practice management systems I used in the past."

~Patrick Quigley, PhD, LSAC

“I have used many systems and yours is a hidden gem! I really love the functionality, features, and layout!”

~Melissa D. Michel, MSCP, NCC, LPC

“The referral portal is a huge benefit. The Cleveland Clinic uses it to schedule next day appointments for us from the emergency department. It's worked wonderfully.”

~Cara Daily , Ph.D.

"I am a very satisfied user… and I would like to express my strong satisfaction with your product."

~Loren Andrews, LCSW