Mental Health Advisor Mental Health Advisor is a comprehensive digital platform that seamlessly integrates Specialty Behavioral Health Care with Primary Care. It supports the new PCP-driven, outcomes informed collaborative care paradigm. It enables PCPs and behavioral clinicians to screen patients for a wide range of behavioral health conditions; identify non-traditional chronically medically ill patients in need of behavioral support; refer patients for services, including telepsychiatric services; track patient progress longitudinally; and securely exchange information with treatment providers on-site or virtually. The system is easily scaled and customized to fit the unique needs of different ACO and delivery models. Its features support Accountable Health Organizations, Health Plans, Provider groups, and Employers.

The Mental Health Advisor Platform Features:

  • Web portal and mobile app for assessment and outcomes tracking

  • Messaging function that sends automatic alerts to prompt patients to take follow-up assessments

  • Community referral portal where patients, PCPs and care managers can find a clinician and schedule an appointment

  • Secure communications for information exchange between PCPs, behavioral clinicians and care managers

  • Telepsychiatry/teletherapy for online treatment via videoconferencing

  • Decision supports alert clinicians when patients are not progressing adequately

  • Summary reporting

The platform supports PCPs by making it quick and easy to diagnose, assess, track, and refer patients with a behavioral health condition. It also supports virtual consultations and clinical data exchange.

It enables behavioral clinicians to collaborate with PCPs using secure communications; engage with a range of non-traditional patients whose chronic illnesses are aggravated by mental health and substance use conditions as well as poor health habits, such as inadequate physical activity, poor nutrition, and smoking; serve patients with telepsychiatry; improve outcomes via decision support; and document their effectiveness through the use of outcomes tracking.

Benefits to ACOs, Health plans, employers and practice groups include:

  • Identification and treatment of undiagnosed behavioral conditions

  • Teletherapy services for members in remote areas or who cannot get to a provider’s office

  • Smart referral system that identifies the most effective clinician for a specific condition

  • Data analytics for quality improvement.

About CarePaths

CarePaths is a behavioral informatics health company that has been in the forefront of online assessment, outcomes tracking, and decision support for both primary care and specialty behavioral care for over 20 years. Behavioral integration templates and protocols for health conditions that have significant behavioral health implications such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, smoking, etc., are part of our eRecord, which is an ONC certified Electronic Health Record and Practice Management System used by thousands of clinicians in 48 states. We are an established company founded by dedicate and experienced behavioral health clinicians with experience in the world of technology and the world of clinical practice.

Behavioral Integration Team Members:

Geoffrey V. Gray, Ph.D. Dr. Gray is a clinical psychologist and President of CarePaths, Inc. He was formerly Behavioral Consultant, Interqual and VP of HMA Behavioral Health. He has authored numerous articles on behavioral health including behavioral integration, behavioral informatics, outcomes, and policy.

Maureen Hart, Ph.D., MBA. Dr. Hart is a clinical psychologist and serves as VP of Operations for CarePaths. Her broad range of experiences includes serving on the faculty of Meharry Medical School and as a Director of Behavioral Health for Anthem Health.

Gregory Gard, Psy.D. Dr. Gard is a clinical psychologist and technologist. He leads CarePaths IT Development Team, serving as Chief Technology Officer. His team developed CarePath’s eRecord which is an ONC certified EHR.

Kurt Peters, MD. Dr. Peters is a psychiatrist in practice in Colorado and serves as the medical lead for CarePaths. Dr. Peters uses CarePaths EHR including ePrescribing and telepsychiatry in his practice. Dr. Peter formerly served as the psychiatry consultant to the US Air Force Space Command and United States Air Force in Europe. He is clinical associate professor for University of Colorado Health Center.

Dave Johnson, MSW, ACSW. Mr. Johnson successfully deployed CarePaths eRecord EHR in a variety of clinical settings including behavioral health clinics and integrated care settings within Internal Medicine clinics at Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit Michigan. Mr. Johnson currently leads a number of integrated care initiatives for Anthem Health and serves as an advisor and consultant to CarePaths.