Online Therapy FAQ

What is CarePaths Online Therapy?

CarePaths Online Therapy is a platform for licensed clinicians to provide online counseling and psychotherapy services to clients seeking care.

Who is CarePaths?

CarePaths was founded by psychologists to provide online services to behavioral clinicians and people seeking behavioral healthcare. We offer an electronic health record, clinical outcomes tracking and self-help tools to behavioral clinicians. Over 8000 clinicians nationwide, including leading universities and medical schools, use CarePaths products. Our newest offering, CarePaths Online Therapy, uses technology to make counseling convenient, available, and affordable for people seeking an alternative to traditional office-based therapy.

Who are the clinicians?

Clinicians on CarePaths Online Therapy are licensed, experienced and credentialed psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, or licensed professional counselors. Clinician credentials are verified by CarePaths.

Who will be my clinician?

After you sign up, we match you with (or you select) a clinician based on your preferences, goals and the particular issues you are concerned about. The fit between clinician and client is very important for therapy to be effective and we find that most of our matches are successful. If you do not feel that a selected clinician is right for you, you can choose to be matched with another clinician.

How do I communicate with my therapist?

Messaging. Most counseling is via messaging. Once you are matched with a clinician you get a dedicated therapy “room.” This is a space where you write about yourself, what's going on in your life and the difficulties you may be having. The clinician reads your messages and responds with guidance, insight, and feedback. Clients can message 24/7 from any device. Clinician's respond generally once a day M-F. You receive an email when the clinician has responded to one of your messages.

  • -Live chat. There may be times you and your clinician text to each other “live,” in real time.
  • -Teletherapy via real time video conferencing.
  • -Audio conferencing

Will my therapy sessions be private and secure?

Yes. CarePaths has over 20 years of experience developing HIPAA compliant online behavioral health systems and our CarePaths EHR product is certified by the federal government’s Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC).

  • -Your therapy sessions are protected by strict federal and state laws.
  • -We don't divulge information to insurance companies or employers under any circumstances.
  • -All messages are secured and encrypted.

Is online therapy really effective?

Yes. A growing body of research, including randomized controlled studies, have shown that online therapy is highly effective, in many cases as effective as face-to-face therapy.

Is online therapy right for me?

There are some conditions/situations in which online therapy is not indicated, including:

  • -If you are having thoughts of self-harm
  • -You are having thoughts of harming others
  • -You have been ordered by a court to attend therapy
  • -You don't have reliable access to the Internet
Personal preference is also a consideration. The best way to find out if online therapy is a good fit for you is to give it a try.

How long does it take to get matched with a clinician?

We make our best effort to match you with a therapist in 24 hours or less.