Thank you for scheduling a CarePaths EHR demo!

Before you go, here are commonly asked questions about our platform:

My practice has unique needs and I want to prepare questions for the demo. What are some of the core features your EHR offers?

Our platform has a combination of practice management and practice growth tools that make it a highly attractive package. During our demo, we will cover the areas below. We encourage you to ask any questions about the areas that seem most relevant to your practice:

• Administrative – Creating your practice account, running reports, reviewing system settings, and viewing audit logs.

• Scheduling – Setting up your schedule, discussing how patients can view your calendar and self-schedule visits, setting up appointment types, reminders, and more.

• Accounting – Viewing your transaction history, taking online payments, credit card transactions, setting up automatic statements, and editing fee schedules.

• Claims – Setting up your payers and billing providers for claims, viewing your claims history, submitting claims for processing, and setting up ERAs.

• Clinical – Viewing and editing your documents, monitoring client progress, setting up supervisors, creating custom assessment batteries, viewing quality measures, and more.

• Membership – Accessing your client database, editing electronic records, creating referrals, and setting up the self-referral portal and different groups to more effectively run your practice.

• Prescriber – If you need electronic prescribing capabilities, we’ll walk you through how to manage our integrated electronic prescribing portal.

Do you offer customer support?

Yes! During business hours (i.e. 8am to 5pm EST) you can call our Customer Support Line for assistance. You can also reach them via email or through the integrated “Help Ticket” portal in your CarePaths EHR dashboard. Our Customer Support team follows up with all requests in 24 hours or less.

Can you explain your pricing in detail?

• All of our prices include free claim submissions, teletherapy, and a free first month of service. You will also receive up to 5GB of HIPAA-compliant cloud storage for free. If needed, additional cloud storage can be purchased at nominal fees.

• Our pricing is a monthly subscription-based model. We do not have “commitment contracts” (e.g. a minimum sign-up period). You may cancel anytime without incurring any penalty or fee.

• Depending on your practice type (i.e. new practice, established solo-practitioner, or solo-practitioner with electronic prescribing) your charge will be $29.75, $44.75, or $84.75 per month, respectively. The $29.75 level is an introductory rate for the first six months of use. After six months, your recurring charge will be $44.75.

• We offer special pricing for group practices (i.e. multiple practitioners in a single office), part-time clinicians, and students. Contact us at for more details.

To learn more about CarePaths EHR’s features, please visit our CarePaths EHR for Professionals Page

If you’re interested in offering online therapy, we’ve also built a therapy app called CarePaths Online Therapy. Click here to learn more: Become an Online Therapist