Adam Friedman
Licensed Mental Health Counselor (#6174) issued by Massachusetts’ Division of Professional Licensure Board of Allied Mental Health
Licensed in MA

HI, I am an experienced Licensed Mental Health Counselor that provided outpatient behavioral health treatment specializing in children and adolescents.

Treatment philosophy I typically employ a cognitive-behavioral therapy/acceptance commitment therapy approach to my treatment. For younger children, I tend to emphasize behavioral modification and can utilize play therapy such as child-centered play therapy. Important factors and concepts that I employ for assessment and treatment are attachment, attunement, temperament , loss, shame, mindfulness, and the role of neuroscience such as felt-safety vs activation of the defensive system. Regarding trauma, I utilize an eclectic approach and include Trauma-Based CBT, Prolongued Exposure Therapy and concepts from EMDR and Somatic Processing as well as an depth understanding of the role of dissociation. I keep up to date on the lastest research such as on neuroscience, trauma, and attachment, I strongly believe that parents and caregivers are the key to success in treatment. This is especially true with younger children. I partner with parents to ensure that skills learned in treatment will be used outside of treatment by being a “coach” and to track expected behaviors. I understand that children & adolescents may be initially uncomfortable being in treatment; thus engagement and establishment of rapport are most important at the start of treatment. Children typically play games or engage in making Lego creations and other activities to make it fun! I will weave my “agenda” into their play. I aim to make their experience as positive as possible! After the intake session, I tend to meet with older children and adolescents alone (only when you and your child are comfortable doing so) as I find that progress is faster due to the child taking responsibility for treatment. However at the start of the session, I ask for a report on progress and challenges and at the conclusion, I find it important to communicate what we worked on and discuss homework for in-between sessions. Sometimes, it will be important to have a session with part or the entire family and other times, we can meet without your child to discuss concerns and effective parenting strategies.
My rate is $200 per intake session + $100 per regular session and I offer a sliding scale
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ADAM D FRIEDMAN, LMHC outpatient behavioral health treatment specializing in children and adolescents


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