CarePaths crafts innovative software for people in therapy, and for professionals that help them.

Software that improves lives.


Enhance emotional well-being with online therapy.

how carepaths works

Technology that uncomplicates clinical practice.

About CarePaths EHR

why we built carepaths

We help people and the people who help people.

Owner Photo Geoff Gray PHD
Owner Photo Maureen Hart PHD, MBA

At CarePaths we think like clinicians because that's who we are. We started as two psychologists who saw a role for technology in behavioral health practice. Working with programmers we developed an outcomes tracking system and then an EHR. Our latest product is an online therapy platform.

Our clinician users have also shaped the evolution of our products, and several leading psychotherapy investigators have helped us incorporate research findings. Together we are accomplishing what brought us all to the field in the first place: improving the effectiveness of behavioral health care.

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