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Do you often find yourself going back and forth about making a change in your head? Is part of you wanting to make that change and part of you not feeling sure or quite ready yet? This is all part of the change process, and you are probably further along than you realize! Sometimes a new perspective and new tools can help us "get off the seesaw" and get closer to the life we want to have. I often see clients who are dealing with trauma, substance use, anxiety, or depression. I work to build a space of non-judgment and acceptance so my clients can be seen exactly as they are without fear, so we can find the path forward together. I take a strengths-based approach to therapy, I work with clients using evidenced-based approaches (CBT, DBT) to help them best utilize and grow their strengths. My approach incorporates curiosity, empathy, compassion and empowerment providing a space that is partly “figuring things out” and largely understanding your “response to things”.
My rate is $325 per intake session + $250 per regular session
Maybe this is your first time in counseling, or maybe you are coming back due to recent challenges. My goal is to make sure you feel comfortable and ready to take on what you're facing together. I look forward to getting to know you, and being a part of your change process!
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