CarePaths is the ideal EHR for social workers

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CarePaths is the ideal EHR for social workers

Assign Care Team

If a client needs extra support, they can be assigned to a team of clinicians all delivering highly specialized care.

Patient Portal and Mobile App

Stay engaged with your clients between visits with HIPAA-compliant, secure messaging. They can also access documents, assessments and statements via a browser or mobile device. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Whether you are just starting out or moving from another practice management solution, CarePaths support can help you get set up with a merchant account and train you and your staff on CarePaths EHR so you can connect with your clients.

Yes. Our system allows for an unlimited number of users and accommodates practices that have multiple geographical locations.

Yes. Discounts are available for nonprofits, large organizations, and academic centers. See ‘Pricing’ section to learn more.

No! Your CarePaths EHR subscription will include free e-records, claims, telehealth, appointment reminders, and more. See ‘Pricing Comparison’ section to learn more.

How are social workers using CarePath EHR?

Regardless of your unique mission, CarePaths supports social workers and their organizations in their in-person and remote communities

So much bang for your buck!

Mary K. Johnson

Clinician Friendly, Innovative EHR. Highly Recommend

Eric Berko

It really helped me streamline my practice.

Dalton Rumfield

Benefits of using CarePaths EHR for social workers

A cost effective and robust solution for your community
  • Customizable Documents and Billing

  • Connecting you to your state

  • ONC Certified for FQHC and CBHC

  • FREE Training and support



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