is the first in a portfolio of tools that CarePaths will be introducing to help clinicians grow their practices. is a directory of clinicians who provide online video therapy. Potential clients can search for a therapist in the directory. Users of Carepaths eRecord EHR can put their practices in the directory by filling out the marketing API page within the eRecord . Clinicians who do not use the CarePaths EHR can also place their practices in the directory and use teletherapy and secure messaging by signing up.

There is no cost for these tools either for CarePaths eRecord users and non-eRecord users alike.

Health plans are dramatically escalating their coverage of telehealth for mental health care. For instance, the nation’s largest health insurers, UnitedHealth and Anthem both expect 20 million insureds will access and receive coverage from telehealth providers by 2016. Medicaid now covers telehealth in 44 states and Medicare is expanding telehealth coverage as well.

In short, telepsychiatry has the potential to revolutionize the provision of psychological services not only to those in remote locations, or with mobility issues, but also for those who prefer flexible access to services.