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Increase Physician Referrals & Promote Behavioral Integration with Direct Messaging

Direct Messaging is a standardized way of exchanging information between EHRs that other areas of healthcare are rapidly adopting.

CarePaths Direct Messaging allows the referring provider (e.g., PCP or other medical professional) to automatically generate a referral without drafting a letter or making a phone call. And the information sent by the PCP is automatically incorporated into your CarePaths EHR account!

Reports are automatically generated once the patient has been seen, thus, efficiently closing the referral loop. Using Direct Messaging, behavioral clinicians can almost entirely eliminate paperwork, delays, telephone tag, access problems, and more.

Lastly, all direct addresses are listed on the direct exchange network, an industry database of clinicians who interoperate using direct messaging.

Here’s why you should sign-up for CarePaths Direct Messaging:

Get your unique secure direct address today!

Contact support@carepaths.com to get started or obtain more information.

CarePaths is also building an online directory of behavioral providers who wish to take primary care referrals via direct messaging. If you’re interested in being listed in this directory, please contact support@carepaths.com to obtain more information.