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CarePaths Digital Front Door: Practice Building Re-Imagined

What is the CarePaths Digital Front Door?

  • ● A mobile app for patients that makes it dramatically easier for them to engage in behavioral treatment
  • ● New patients setup accounts with demographic and insurance information, complete assessments, select therapists, and schedule initial sessions
  • ● New and existing patients use app for secure teletherapy and text messaging, completing periodic assessments, scheduling sessions and making payments
  • ● Reminders for appointments, payments and assessments delivered through the mobile app
  • ● Integrates with CarePaths EHR
  • ● iOS or Android versions available

How does patient get mobile app?

  • ● Scanning QR code on clinician’s website or marketing materials links patients to the download
  • ● Referring or receiving clinician can email or securely text a download invite link to patient
  • ● Referrers with EHR interop capability (most physicians) can send automated referral that triggers a download invite for the patient

How does CarePaths Digital Front Door enhance treatment?

  • ● Clinicians can strengthen their connections with patients during interval before first appointment with secure text messaging
  • ● Measurement Based Care is automated. Clinicians select the assessment protocol and patients are prompted to complete measures on app when due
  • ● Clinicians monitor patients with automated assessments and support them between sessions with text messaging

What about getting paid?

  • ● Insurance eligibility is automatically verified before each service
  • ● With patient responsibility information from eligibility verification, payment can be collected at time of service
  • ● Online payments can be collected before or after service
  • ● Claims can be automatically submitted when service is complete shortening payment cycle

What does it cost?

  • ● No additional charge for current CarePaths EHR customers
  • ● $15 per month per clinician for new customers

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