Online behavioral health record

CarePaths is a quality choice for a behavioral EHR and practice management system. CarePaths is more than an EHR, it is a tool to build your practice and extend your services. Features such as teletherapy, mobile outcomes, online appointments, a referral portal, and secure messaging enable you to offer your patients unrivaled convenience and ease of access. CarePaths eRecord is ONC certified and meets the highest standards in the industry.

CarePaths eRecord Version 15 Certification: Modular EHR-Ambulatory 2014 Edition #12302104-2735-5 Date Certified: 12/30/2014 Modules: 170.314(a)(1-11, 13-15); (b) (1-5,7); (c) (1-3); (d) (1-8); (e) (1-3); (g) (2-4) CQMs: 50v3; 68v4; 69v3; 138v3; 156v3: 161v3; 177v3

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Cost and Limitations

The eRecord is billed as a monthly subscription based on the number of primary clinician seats. Administrative/non-clinical seats are free. There is no minimum term or any other sort of required support contracting.

With the exception of electronic prescribing and possibly 3rd party Direct connection fees, there are no specific additional charges for using the eRecord to meet Meaningful Use measures or objectives. All technical services other than eRx are provided in-house by the eRecord.

The eRecord Version 15 does not provide imaging or public health reporting features that may be required to achieve Meaningful Use objectives.

Electronic Prescribing: DrFirst

The eRecord uses DrFirst as a partner application that is fully integrated within the eRecord application via HTML iframe. Fees for DrFirst are billed as a part of your CarePaths monthly bill per-prescriber. Controlled substances prescribing requires a one-time identity check fee/passcode device fee that varies but is usually less than $100. Like the eRecord, DrFirst does not require any minimum term or any other additional contracting to use their service through our eRx portal. There are no limits or other tiered billing schemes based on eRx volume.

Prescribers have full access to DrFirst’s RCopia engine including CPOE, Drug-Drug/Drug-Allergy interactions, Medication History/Reports and eRx as well as FAX failover of prescriptions to SureScripts. DrFirst also provides controlled substances which requires a minor one-time fee to verify the prescriber’s identity and license. No additional signup/setup is required by our users to use DrFirst and their application is fully integrated with the eRecord (ie no double entry of patients or passwords). Sign-in is facilitated through a secure Single Sign-on Scheme that eliminates the need for the prescriber to login separately to DrFirst. eRecord clients may sign up for as many eRx seats as needed.

Direct Messaging

We act as our own HISP and do not charge any additional fees for our Direct protocol services. Direct messages may include clinical notes as well as Transition/Summary of Care CDA documents. We do not charge for storage of Direct Messages (or any other uploaded documents such as PDFs). We do not charge any additional fees to add 3rd party Direct HISP certificates to our system on behalf of one or more of our users provided that the 3rd party does not charge any connection, per-message or other fees. A user requesting connection to a 3rd party would simply open a Help Ticket and make the request.

In the event that the third party requires a fee to connect and/or bills per-message, we require those fees to be covered by the user on our end. Users should be aware that some Direct-based entities charge significant fees to connect and send messages. Those costs may be prohibitive for a single user/organization. We will make best efforts to determine whether such a connection could be used by other of our users and MAY be able to defray some costs based on that.

Ultimately, however, if the user requires a connection that is unique to them, the user will need to pay for the initial setup and any ongoing per-message or other related fees (billed by the 3rd party). This usually is limited to whatever the 3rd party charges for initial setup and requires minimal time on our part. However, if the 3rd party connection requires significant time, expenses, programming or other validation requirements beyond simply adding Direct certificates, we reserve the right to explore alternative means to facilitate interoperability such as an application-based API or to suggest an alternative HISP. In general, we have no issue with users employing Direct or our other messaging/API services to achieve interoperability.

This Health IT Module is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.