B.10 EHI Export

CarePaths EHR includes the capability to perform individual and bulk exports of patient EHI information. Admin users with record management permissions can access the EHI export from the exports dropdown on the patient management overview. After selecting which patients to export, the system will return a single .zip file for each patient, containing the relevant files for that patient. This file will be presented to the admin user through the internal messaging system, and can be downloaded directly.

For full patient population exports, please contact support or schedule the export for outside business hours. Running bulk exports can be resource heavy, and doing so during the day may affect ehr functionality.

Files included in B.10 EHI Export (w/ naming scheme and file type):

1 CCD (Continuity of Care Document) in xml format (cda_PATIENT_NAME.xml)

1 Accounting Statement listing Patient's accounting transactions (PATIENT_ID_Statements_asOfDate.pdf)

1 Messaging History file of messages sent/received by Patient (PATIENT_ID_Message_History_asOfDate.txt)

Patient Charts documenting completed service documents grouped by year (PATIENT_ID_Chart_Year.pdf)

Audit Logs related to changes made to patient chart/account

Appointment History and Statuses for the patient

Any other files included are document/image uploads from the patient's uploads on their EHR facesheet, in the same format as when uploaded

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