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Affordable Behavioral Health EHR & Practice Management System

We built CarePaths EHR for Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social Workers, and Counselors Working in Private Practice, Group Practice and Health Systems.

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One seamless package to manage your practice.

Patient Records

Clinical Record Keeping

Custom Clinical Documentation & Treatment Plans

Outcomes & Assessment

Practice Management

Free Claims & Eligibility


Reporting & Accounting


Prescribe from your mobile phone

(Including Schedule II Prescribing)

Client Communications

Teletherapy (SMS, chat & video)

Secure Patient Messaging

Patient Portal

Coordination of Care

Referral Portal

Standardized Clinical Summaries

Secure Direct Messaging

Practice Building Tools

Patient Engagement Tools

New Referrals via Direct Network

Appointment & Account Reminders


Do you support large groups and multi-office practices?
Yes. Our system allows for an unlimited number of users and accommodates practices that have multiple geographical locations.
Do you offer special rates or discounts?
Yes. Discounts are available for nonprofits, large organizations, and academic centers. See "Pricing" section to learn more.
Do I need to pay extra for practice management features?
No! Your CarePaths EHR subscription will include free e-records, claims, telehealth, appointment reminders, and more. See "Pricing Comparison" section to learn more.

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Private Practice

Solo Practicioner

All Pricing Includes: Electronic Claims Eligibility Verification TeleHealth Unlimited Administrative Staff Automated Measurement-Based Care
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Group Practice

for first practitioner
$49/month for full time practitioners $34/month for part time practitioners $5.75/month for students
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FQHC SBHC Researchers Collaborative Care Integrated Primary Care
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We offer discounts to 501(c)(3) and other nonprofit organizations that are making an impact. Contact us to learn more about your mission.


Special pricing is available for educational centers. If you are an educational institution or a training center for behavioral health providers, contact us to discuss your needs.
*e-Prescriber: $40/mo per clinician

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Lifequest Town of East Haven Crossroads Counseling
This is a terrific program! Great support!!! Ease of finding appropriate templates for charting and the ease of prescribing. I prescribe daily and the program is excellent.
5 star rating MARY ANN, CarePaths EHR User
The most efficient tracking, claims management, and billing system that I ever used.
5 star rating PATRICK Q, PhD, LSAC
I have used this program for several months and am really happy with how easy it is to use. It is very user friendly and I am not someone who is computer savvy. It is simple and makes things easy to remember. It makes writing my notes easy and I love the check boxes.
5 star rating TRACI, CarePaths EHR User
CarePaths EHR makes the business of a psychotherapy practice more and more seamless every day. Paperless record keeping, improved financial management, ease of filing claims, monitoring of patient's progress between sessions, telepsychiatry.
5 star rating BETH, CarePaths EHR User

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