What an honor Carepaths Inc appointing me as their Chief Medical Officer. Such an exciting time in medical technology, and what a thrill to work with such a forward-looking company!

While we hope our Carepaths team and its products help you render good clinical care, we eagerly want to build a community of practitioners who also find support from one other.

I attended a one-room country school in rural Missouri that still exists today. There were about 25-30 students spread out amongst grades 1-8. Each Friday, we had a spelling bee in the afternoon. The spelling competition was fierce; most students were farm kids who woke up early to do their chores before going to school. Yet, we rallied around each other. We even clapped and yelled when an opposing player got a particularly difficult word correctly.

I hope this blog becomes the afternoon spelling bee where we bring our ideas together, be supportive for one another, and better our practice and the care of our patients and clients.

I look forward to hearing your ideas and experiences. Feel free to email directly at kurt.peters@carepaths.com