A New Path Forward: CarePaths Re-Imagining Practice Building Through New Technology & Leadership

CarePaths, Inc., a behavioral healthcare software company with over two decades of experience, has announced two strategic shifts to address the rising popularity of telehealth services and the need for strong digital footprints to remain competitive in today’s marketplace.

“Any type of company, product, or service that is not found online is virtually non-existent to the modern day client” said Gerardo, Chief Operating Officer of CarePaths. To successfully lead this new digital-first approach, Barrett Griffith has been named the new President & Chief Executive Officer of the company.

“As employers and health systems move to invest in Behavioral Health for the long term well being of their communities, CarePaths is working with practitioners, researchers and innovators to move the field forward,” says Griffith.

“We’re committed to providing a robust, secure platform to support the clinical and business side of behavioral health so therapists can focus on better patient outcomes.”

“CarePaths has been at the center of behavioral health for over 20 years. We’re excited to continue to grow the platform for therapists in private and group practice and to support the integration of primary care and behavioral health for state and local health systems”.

Griffith brings 20 years of experience in product development and delivery in markets including healthcare, travel, entertainment, security, social media and more. Serving as CarePaths’ Chief Technology Officer over the last three years, Barrett has helped define CarePaths’ technology and remote culture. “Through supporting the needs of our clients and partners and following the history and latest research in the field.”

CarePaths has also announced the launch of a revolutionary new mobile application for behavioral health called CarePaths Connect. This new app streamlines the intake process for practices by allowing patients to complete paperwork digitally while their information syncs with the ONC-Certified and affordable CarePaths EHR & Practice Management System.

CarePaths Connect also provides patients a one-stop shop for all their behavioral healthcare needs - from scheduling appointments, making payments, accessing medical records, and more. Providers who use the new CarePaths Connect app can also expect:

  • Better clinical outcomes through automated measurement-based care
  • More online referrals and a stronger, more marketable digital presence
  • Faster payments and reimbursements with eligibility verifications and automatic claim submissions

The CarePaths Connect mobile app is expected to launch in October 2021, free of charge for providers who are signed up for CarePaths EHR.

CarePaths hosted an exclusive Live Demo Webinar of the mobile application on September 30th, 2021. The recording is free and available for any interested parties at this link.

For more information on CarePaths, visit the company website: https://www.carepaths.com