ONC G10 Certification

Behavioral Health EHR “CarePaths EHR” Receives ONC (g)(10) Standardized API Certification

Last month, CarePaths EHR successfully certified for (g)(10) Standardized API, the latest requirement for maintaining certification from the Office for the National Coordinator for Health IT. This certification states that CarePaths EHR is able to exchange health data with other health systems via a FHIR API. This also means that in the future, approved app developers can participate in CarePaths developer program and build patient and practitioner-focused apps using our API. CarePaths Connect, available in the Play Store and App Store, is utilizing this technology to support our new Measurement-Based Care tools.

This is the latest step in CarePaths’ ongoing commitment to maintaining the ONC’s standards of security, usability, and interoperability for healthcare IT. ONC certification is not a requirement for all health IT (HIT) products, but some government programs may require the use of certified HIT products and systems as a condition of eligibility for incentives. For practices that participate in Medicare, using an ONC-Certified EHR helps meet interoperability requirements for MIPS reporting. Additionally, ONC-Certified EHRs are required by FQHC (Federally Qualified Health Centers) SBHC (School Based Health Centers) and CBHS (Community Based Health Centers.

The ONC is helping to promote the widespread adoption of interoperable, secure, and user-friendly HIT products and systems, which can improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery.

For therapists, choosing an ONC-Certified EHR means they are “connected to the grid” of healthcare in the US.

Sign up for a free trial to take advantage of all of the ONC-Certified features. If you are a developer interested in the developer program, contact us at info@carepaths.com