We are excited to announce that CarePaths Connect, the new Digital Front Door for therapists and patients is now available. Current users of CarePaths EHR can upgrade to CarePaths Connect for free by having your practice admin sign into their account and select CarePaths Connect under the Admin tab. Once CarePaths Connect has been activated for the practice, every clinician will find a link on their homepage that says “Configure Digital Front Door.” After clicking this link, use your regular login information and you’ll be able to set up your profile as you’d like it to appear to users of the app. Then you can send an invitation to your current patients to download the app, available for iOS and Android. Your Digital Front Door will also be visible to new patients using the app to search for a therapist. You can list your open appointments so patients can conveniently request time with you. New patients will also be able to enter their insurance information in the app to find out which therapists accept their plan and what their copay will be. For more detailed instructions, see the release notes in the System Updates section of the Help Center in the CarePaths EHR as well as this series of tutorial videos.We will also be setting time aside to run live trainings on the new system with our users. You can find more information on how to register for these trainings in the release notes.

This release also includes the new Automated Measurement-Based Care (MBC) feature. This will allow you to enroll patients to automatically receive a standardized battery of assessments every week, the results of which will be displayed at the top of the patient’s chart. An ever-growing body of research shows that MBC improves therapy outcomes regardless of what kind of therapy is being practiced. We believe that by automating the MBC process, we can help our users see greater improvement in their patients with minimal additional burden. We also encourage our users to learn more about integrating MBC into your practice and the role clinical decision-making plays in the process. You can start with our recent webinar, featuring CarePath’s Chief Clinical Officer Bruce Wampold, PhD, and keep an eye out for his upcoming series of blog posts on MBC.