Case formulation is an important component of psychotherapy that involves forming a working hypothesis about the cause of a client’s issues and a plan for how treatment will proceed. One frustration frequently reported by therapists is that the process of case formulation often takes up most of the first two to three sessions of therapy. This can be disheartening for clients who don’t necessarily see the importance of the process, and would rather spend those sessions doing something that feels more like positive action. CarePaths is exploring a potential partnership with Formulator, a company making AI-powered case formulation software designed to let therapists spend less time learning about their clients’ issues and more time helping to resolve them. At this time, they are looking for users of the CarePaths EHR who would be interested in trying out their automated case formulation tools for free with up to five clients, in exchange for providing them with feedback about the product. If you would like to be part of the pilot program, let us know at

To learn more about case formulation, see this blog by Formulator, or listen to thelatest episode of the Making Therapy Better Podcast.