A California law that recently went into effect requires all licensed providers in the state to issue prescriptions electronically. Assembly Bill (AB) 2789, which was passed in September 2018, states that starting January 1, 2022, that any authorized prescriber “shall have the capability to issue an electronic data transmission prescription” or e-prescription. Providers who fail to satisfy this new requirement may be subject to administrative sanctions from their respective licensing boards.

CarePaths users who practice in the state of California are able to comply with the mandate by signing up for e-prescription services through our partner Dr First for a low monthly fee. Just like CarePaths EHR, DrFirst is fully HIPAA-compliant and certified as meeting all of the ONC’s standards for interoperability. Organizations signing up for these services are generally able to begin issuing e-prescriptions within 3-5 business days provided they submit all the necessary information.