Patient Portal

The Patient portal enables clients to login online and fill out all required forms: consent for treatment, disclosure of information, HIPAA privacy notices, insurance and demographic information forms, clinical questionnaires, etc. Information entered by the patient online populates the eRecord, saving staff time and enabling paperless practice.  Patients can view and pay their bills online as well as make appointments.

There is also a Referral portal that allows referral sources–PCPs, etc–to make referrals, upload clinical information and even schedule appointments.


The scheduler has day, week and month views. Each clinician has their own schedule and there is a master schedule. Features include:

  • Ability to make recurring appointments

  • Ability to check a patient in when they arrive for an appointment, take payment, and give the patient a receipt

  • Enable patients to schedule appointments online

  • Email appointment reminders the day before the appointment

  • Enable referral sources such as PCPs to make online appointments and upload pertinent information about the referred patient securely

Secure messaging

  • Secure provider-patient messaging within the eRecord.

  • Email and text alerts tell recipient they have a message.