The eRecord is a fully integrated, online
Cloud-Based, ONC certified, behavioral electronic
health record and practice management system for
psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and
mental health counselors.

CarePaths is Designed To:

Get You Paid Quickly and Save You Time Through Automation
Reduce the Hassles and Headaches of Running a Practice
Improve Your Clinical Eectiveness via Mobile Therapy
Enable Telepsychiatry and Teletherapy
Connecting You via the Referral Portal, Efax, and Secure Email


Efficient Clinical Documentation

The eRecord has an extensive library of clinical templates for Intakes, Progress Notes, Treatment Plans, Case management assessments, Outcomes assessments, etc. Also, the forms maker enables the editing our templates or create new documents. Intake assessments for children and adolescents, adults, geriatrics, substance abuser and other special populations are available in our library. Progress notes cover individuals and groups for the various mental health disciplines: social work, psychology, nursing, and psychiatry. Clinicians can write treatment plans rapidly using clinical pathways that connect problems with symptoms, goals, objectives, and interventions. CarePaths Treatment Planner has been approved by both CARF and JCAHO. Built into the e-Record is a library of widely used client self-report, clinician-rated, and parent-signicant rated outcomes and assessment instruments. Real time reports are provided to clinicians and clients. The Patient portal and the Parent/Collateral portal expedites data collection.

Diagnoses are always pulled forward from note to note. There is the option to allow notes to pre-populate forward so that an entire note’s documentation from a previous session is displayed for easy editing. Group notes can be written for all participants via one screen.


ONC Certification

CarePaths eRecord is ONC certified. ONC 2014 certification received December 2014.

Integration of Clinical Documentation, Patient Accounting and Claims

Every time a clinician writes a Progress note or completes an Intake, a charge is posted to the patient’s account. If the patient has insurance, a claim is for immediate submission to the insurance company. Thus, duplicate data entry, filling out billing tickets and the like are eliminated. Built in rules validate data to ensure clean claims.


Patient Portal

The Patient portal enables clients to login online and ll out all required forms: consent for treatment, disclosure of information, HIPAA privacy notices, insurance and demographic information forms, clinical questionnaires, etc. Information entered by the patient online populates the eRecord. Patients can view and pay their bills online as well as make appointments.


Patient Accounting

Patient accounting module is simple and intuitive. The user is quickly guided through the posting of payments and adjustments. Insurance remittances and credit card payments are auto-posted. Invoices and statements are generated in customizable styles. Monthly statements can be automatically emailed to patients with a link for payment.


Referral Portal

Enables practices to give PCPs and other referrers an easy way to refer and schedule patients.

Unlimited Electronic Claims Submission

Claims are submitted electronically to payers insuring rapid claims payment. Users of the eRecord do not need to ll out billing tickets as claims are automatically generated from completed Intakes and Progress Notes. Electronic remittance advice posts automatically to the patient account.


Authorization Tracking

Authorization tracking gives the user a place to record authorizations. The system compares services provided with those authorized and alerts the user if there are additional units of service that haven’t been used. eClaims allows a user to enter a scheduled service and determine if it is covered by an existing authorization.


Customizable scheduler enables on the y editing, recurrence, check-out receipts, and multiple day, week and month views for individual clinicians and all staff. Alerts can be set notify the patient the day before an upcoming appointment. Patients can also schedule appointments online; email appointment reminders are also built in.



Reports analyze client demographics, claims history, accounts receivable, revenue statements, receipts history, utilization, outcomes and more. There are hundreds of online reports available.


The eRecord has a built in ePrescriber that enables physicians and nurse practitioners to quickly write and electronically submit prescriptions. Features such as drug lookups, drug interaction alerts, etc.  Controlled substances and lab are now fully integrated into the e-Prescriber.



The eRecord has incorporated new developments in technology that enable dramatically enhanced video conferencing quality.  Video conferencing therapy is hipaa compliant and fully integrated into our application.


Mobile Outcomes via Precision Guided Behavioral Care (PGBC)

Combines traditional outcomes with patient-specific daily monitoring of symptoms and goals. It is available on smart phones and mobile devices. PGBC is designed to enhance therapy, not to replace the therapist and is is predicated on the centrality of the therapist/patient relationship.

It works this way: in addition to responding at regular intervals (weekly/monthly) to a standard outcome measure such as the PHQ-9 or GAD-7, the patient will respond daily to a small set of patient-specific questions. Clinicians select questions from a library (they can also create their own) and review the results before or during the treatment session. Questions cover depression, anxiety, relationships, functioning, medication adherence, etc.

Clinicians can set up to 4 questions that the patient answers with a slider bar, (there is also a textbox). Patients respond in a matter of seconds. All measures are “pushed” to the patient’s smartphone at the end of the day and the patient is reminded to take followups. Reports show day to day change on patient specific symptoms and goals and week to week change on outcomes.

Integrated Fax

The integrated fax feature enables the faxing of documents direct from the eRecord. For example, users can send referrers clinical documentation to a PCP, etc.



The eRecord is scalable and can be, and is, used by solo practitioners as well as by large multi-site psychiatric facilities.  The system is easily configured so that e.g. claims are submitted under a supervising provider, etc.

System Access

The e-Record gives administrators granular control over access privileges enabling full compliance with the HIPAA “need to know” rule. Each staff member or group of staff–clerical, clinician, administrator, supervisor, or case manager–can be assigned the permission level privileges that are appropriate to their responsibilities insuring full control over who has access to the information. The system also allows you to create an audit role, enabling remote “read only” audit of selected documents.


Secure Messaging

Clinicians can communicate with each other and with their patients via a secure channel.

From Our Community

"I have been in practice full or part time as a Psychologist for over 28 years. The CarePaths system is the most efficient system of record keeping, patient and practice management, authorization tracking, claims management, and billing that I have ever used. With the addition of features recently added to the system, my office will be nearly paperless. As I anticipate retiring in several years, the problem of record repository will not be a significant issue. The customer service at CarePaths is exceptional. Any processing difficulty is usually solved within a day. This system is head and shoulders an improvement over the two forms of proprietary practice management systems I used in the past."

~Patrick Quigley, PhD, LSAC

“I have used many systems and yours is a hidden gem! I really love the functionality, features, and layout!”

~Melissa D. Michel, MSCP, NCC, LPC

“The referral portal is a huge benefit. The Cleveland Clinic uses it to schedule next day appointments for us from the emergency department. It's worked wonderfully.”

~Cara Daily , Ph.D.

"I am a very satisfied user… and I would like to express my strong satisfaction with your product."

~Loren Andrews, LCSW