Free Telepsychiatry/Teletherapy Ap for CarePaths Users

April 4, 2014 by Geoff Gray

CarePaths is proud to announce a new service: telepsychiatry and teletherapy.

We have incorporated new developments in technology that enable dramatically enhanced video conferencing quality. Gestures, facial expressions, tones of voice, body language, and other visual and auditory subtleties so important in psychotherapy—are rendered with a crispness and immediacy that Skype, Facetime, Google Plus, etc do not come close to matching. It is as close to the gold standard–the patient in the same room with you—as technologically possible.

The features and benefits include:

Super easy to use—Just send the patient an email; she or he clicks on it and you’re there. No plug-ins, downloads or technical skills required.

Convenience–Care can be accessed anytime and anywhere: home, work, school

Fewer no shows—Patients don’t have problems getting to your office because your office is virtual

Flexibility—Because you don’t have to travel to an office, you can schedule patients at times convenient to you and your patients, including nights and weekends

Continuity of care—Patients move, return to college, travel for their job; teletherapy solves this problem

Privacy—It is Hipaa compliant, encrypted, and secure

Access—A range of patients who can not get to a providers office, e.g. agoraphobics, patients who fear stigma, the physically disabled, contagious with an infectious disease or immunocompromised, live rural location, etc. can receive care

Effectiveness—Studies show that teletherapy is as effective as in person therapy

Broader market reach—You can be available to patients in any state in which you are licensed to practice


  1. Rose Justian says:

    Can this be billed to insurance as a 90845 therapy session ?

  2. James Brown says:

    Will medicare reimburse for Telepsychiatry & Telementalhealth ?

  3. gvgray says:

    yes but i think you need to check with them. they may have rules about rural/urban location. most comercials now pay for telehealth as does medicaid.

  4. Lance says:

    Interesting! using a separate service now, but would prefer it be integrated like the prescribing… how do we sign up?

  5. KamaHiner says:

    Reblogged this on Kama Hiner Therapy and commented:
    Exciting new features I offer through CarePaths

  6. This is the future…magic. I am curious about a couple things. First, what is the internet speed required on both ends? Are Firefox and Chrome the only browsers supported? Does Safari work? Can one or both of the devices be a tablet such as an iPad? Will this work over fast LTE moblie speeds, again on mobile devices via iOS or Android? I’d love to pilot it, although working in a county govt., the requirement for Chrome or Firefox could be problematic as would be the streaming bandwith requirments I imagine.

  7. gvgray says:

    Hi speed internet is required. Safari works. iPad: we believe so. but this is a beta product so the jury is still out. LTE mobil etc–again we believe so, but this needs to be tested. IE is dragging its feet in adopting the new standard because it adversely affects it’s skype business.

  8. C. Shoes says:

    VSEE is a HIPAA compliant software program, free, takes half the bandwidth of Skype and works fantastic. You cannot bill tele psych for UBH, I do know that. Other insurances? I’d like to know.

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