CarePaths is proud to be sponsoring the Making Therapy Better Podcast, hosted by CarePaths’ own Chief Clinical Officer Bruce Wampold, PhD. In this new series, Professor Wampold will be interviewing some of the most important figures in psychotherapy research and practice about their contributions to the field, as well as discussing the future and ongoing evolution of mental health care. Many of these conversations will touch upon Measurement-Based Care, a central feature of Bruce’s work with CarePaths and the mission of the Making Therapy Better initiative. The podcast is currently available on YouTube, Spotify, Amazon and Apple Podcasts and will soon be available on all major platforms, so be sure to find it on your favorite one and follow to get notified when new episodes are released. And please share it with other clinicians, clients, or anyone else who could be interested in this exciting new venture.

Check out our first episode on the following platforms:

Watch Episode 1: “The Future of Psychotherapy” with John C. Norcross, PhD on YouTube