CarePaths is pleased to announce that Kurt Peters, MD has accepted the position of Chief Medical Officer of CarePaths, Inc.  He is a private practice child and adult psychiatrist who served for over 20 years in the US Air Force, retiring recently as a Lt. Colonel.  We are also happy to report that Dr. Peters is married to a psychologist–which clearly attests to his good judgement!– and is a pilot.  Over the last several months Dr Peters has provided invaluable assistance to CarePaths with a variety of practice issues, including selecting, testing,  implementing  and rolling out a new eprescriber, selecting a new credit card vendor, and developing new clinical tools and decision support systems. We at CarePaths are delighted to have Dr. Peters on our team–he knows the nuts and bolts issues of  running a clinical practice. In the coming months he will be sharing his ideas–and listening and responding to your ideas–in this blog space.