CarePaths has been working with the psychotherapy researchers, Bruce Wampold, PHD (professor at U of Wisconsin and author of The Great Psychotherapy Debate) and Simon Goldberg, PHD (VA Puget Sound) on a new progress monitoring/feedback approach.

The approach will use two widely used measures, PHQ 9 and GAD 7. Clinicians and clients will receive feedback in the form of a graph of their progress. The graph will also include curves that display the average rate of improvement of patients who are successful in treatment and those who are not.

Here is what the progress monitoring graph looks like:

Surveys indicate clinicians find a simple graphical display of a client’s progress more useful than statistical interpretations or prescriptive messages.

We feel that this new feedback approach respects the clinician’s clinical judgment and their ability to fit the feedback information into the context for a particular client.

The database used for the development of this approach comes from one of the largest clinical data bases in the world, the National Health Service of Great Britain.

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