We continue to add features and make upgrades. Major new features that will be available as of Wednesday of this week include:

Patient Self Registration-Patients can set up their own accounts without the involvement of you or your front office staff! In addition, patients can fill out all needed paperwork, e.g. Notice of Privacy Practices, Office Policies, etc. Once the patient is registered, they can make an online appointment, if you choose to use that feature. Check the release notes for instructions on how to add a link for self-registration.

Teletherapy- Teletherapy has been simplified and upgraded. Now each patient has a dedicated room for teletherapy, (so no need to choose your patient from a drop down list.) All they do is click on the link to enter the room, then wait until it is time for the appointment. If you, the clinician, arrives before the patient, they will pop up as soon as they arrive. Other upgrades include cross browser compatibility (chrome, firefox, Safari, Edge.) Devices, such as IPAD, are supported. This means teletherapy will work with any browser, tablet or other device. In the next few weeks we will be adding the ability to provide group conferences and messaging.

Face Sheet-There is now a face sheet for each patient. The face sheet includes Account, Clinical, Scheduling, Demographic, and Relationship information. See release notes for more information.

Full PDF of patient chart-You can now get a full PDF of a patient chart. To print off the chart, go to the patient chart—membership. At the bottom of the page click print chart. This will put a copy of the chart in the uploads section of the patient chart for printing or saving

Other enhancements—Check release notes.