is an online directory for teletherapists. Mental health clinicians who provide teletherapy can create profiles and potential patients can search for an appropriate provider. The site is sponsored by Carepaths and is free to Carepaths’ users.

Teletherapy is growing rapidly. The availabilty of online teletherapy apps that are easy to use and have good audio and video quality, such as the app now available in the Carepaths eRecord, make providing services remotely easier than ever.

Research has shown that teletherapy is effective. It provides a means for therapists to provide services to patients they previously have not been able to serve. Clinicians can also follow patients who have relocated, are away at college or are traveling.

You create your profile on your Carepaths site. You can upload a picture, indicate your discipline, the types of services you provide, areas of specialization, treatment approach, fees, etc. A textbox allows you to provide other information you feel would be useful to patients.

Today, most states require that the clinician be licensed in the state where the patient resides, but there is a move toward allowing treatment of patients across state lines. Check your state’s licensure rules for more detail.

Here are specific instructions for setting up your profile: When you log into your Carepaths site you will notice a new “Marketing” Icon on the main menu, left of screen. This link takes you to the teletherapist marketing application landing page. Here you can create, delete and edit a profile that will be advertised on

To create a new profile, do the following:

  1. Once you have reached the landing page you will notice a button that says Manage Staff, choose the staff for whom who want to create a profile and click Manage Staff button.
  2. You will be directed to that staff member’s space where you can add the profile and upload an image.

a. To create a profile: click the button that says “Add Profile” and fill in the form with the desired data, be sure to click the save button. b. Uploading a picture is just as easy: choose the Upload Image button and upload your photo, only one image can be attached to a profile.

Editing a profile.

Once you have created a staff profile, it will now appear on the landing page and you can click on the staff name to edit the profile.

There is also a link atop the workspace that says “profiles”, this link also takes you to the landing page.

Over the next few months we will be adding other functionality to the site. We hope to make it the premiere directory for online therapists.