An Invitation to Join CarePaths Online Therapy Network

CarePaths is launching a new online therapy platform which uses text messaging as well as audio and teletherapy modalities. It is similar to Talkspace and Betterhelp, two well-known online therapy platforms. We expect to launch the service in Illinois and Oregon in the next couple of weeks. We will launch nationwide within a month or two.

We are seeking therapists to join our network.

Benefits include referrals and a new stream of revenue, flexibility in where and when you work, a way to fill unused/open hours, and access to a broad range of clients who were previously inaccessible.

Clinician’s do not need to worry about acquiring referrals, billing, operations, or marketing. The CarePaths platform handles everything but the counseling

The platform works like this. Prospective clients sign up at the CarePaths online website and pay CarePaths a weekly or monthly subscription fee for unlimited text messaging therapy. (Teletherapy is also available and is billed separately). Clients are matched with a therapist based on criteria, e.g. state where they are licensed, type of problem, etc. Clients download a smartphone app and use the app (or browser) for text messaging or teletherapy.

Messaging therapy is mainly asynchronous. Clients will be able to message you 24/7. Clinicians respond once per day at times that work for them and their clients–mornings, afternoons, evenings–five days a week.

The basic service will cost $40/week or $159/month. (This is substantially lower than Talkspace of Betterhelp). We will pay clinicians about 80% of fees collected, less the credit card fee. (Talkspace and Betterhelp pay 50% or less of fees collected.) Clinician’s and clients can also arrange teletherapy sessions as needed. Teletherapy services are available for $49 for a 25 minute session.

We are offering an initial trial week at a discounted fee of $25. Clinician’s who take trial week clients will receive the full $25, less credit card fees.

Clinicians who participate in this service are independent practitioners, not employees of CarePaths. Requirements to join the network are: a license to practice counseling in one or more states; reliable internet connection; excellent writing skills.

We intend to limit the size of the network to insure that participating clinician’s have a sufficient referral base to make this an attractive option. CarePaths will provide a training manual and other support materials for participating clinicians.

To sign up go to If you’d like to schedule a phone call to learn more, shoot us an email at