CarePaths Developer Program API Documentation

The CarePaths Developer Program API is organized around REST. Our API has predictable resource-oriented URLS and returns JSON-encoded responses (some XML too), and uses standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs.

Software Client Requirements

As a user of the CarePaths developer API you will need to use a http client that can support sending requests over https. There is no requirement for the type of system the client software runs on. There are plenty of http client programs that can run on Windows, MacOS, Linux and more. If you are planning on developing your own application you will find there are suitable https libraries for your programming language of choice.

Security Requirements

Your client must establish connections using TLS v1.2 or greater

Getting Credentials

The CarePaths Developer Program API uses API keys to authenticate requests. You can view and manage your applications's API keys in the developer dashboard.

The CarePaths Developer Program API requires that all requests come with patient authorized access tokens linked to your application's authentication keys.

Sandbox apps will not require approval and will not interface with live data. Your app profile will need to get reviewed and your app approved for use on the live system.

Your API keys and access tokens carry many privileges, so be sure to keep them secure! Do not share your secret API keys in publicly accessible areas such as GitHub, client-side code, and so forth.

All API requests must be made over HTTPS. Calls made over plain HTTP will fail. API requests without authentication will also fail.

Patient Selection and Access tokens

Patient authorized access tokens are required to interact with the CarePaths Developer Program API. This means that your application must require patients to authorize your app to interact with their CarePaths EHR data, using their PATIENT PORTAL credentials. The developer dashboard provides a form authorizing patients for your application. Once they authorize your application, a patient will be redirected back to your app with their access token for you to store. This access token will be used in future CarePaths Developer Program API requests directed towards the authorized patient.

Sandbox and testing data

To access sandbox use

To access live data
Download Endpoints Bundle

Organization Api Urls

Organization FHIR Api Url
123 Practice Test
180 Counseling Solutions LLC
4 Rivers
A New Direction Counseling
A Place of Grace Counseling & Consulting
A R C Counseling
ABA spot
ABS Psychiatry
AG Child & Adult Psychology
AMHA Referral
AMaysing Services Inc
ARC Claremont
ARC Counseling
ARC Counseling and Wellness 2
ARC Counseling and Wellness Cl
ARC Counseling and Wellness Ir
ARC Wellness
Abdul Khalid, MD, P.A,
Abigail R Hitchen, PsyD
Achieve Balance Counseling
Active Community Health Center
Adam D. Friedman, LMHC
Advanced Counseling and Therapy Services
Affinity Counseling LLC
Agape Behavioral Health
Agape Counseling Services West Texas
Aime Ferow
Akhrorbek Bakhramov
Alan Werkman
Albott & Associates
Alex Weiss
Alice M. Jannini Counseling Services, LLC
Alicia McArthur, LCMHC
Alisa Greco, LMHC LC
All American Counseling
All is Bright ABA
Alliance Counseling
Alliance Counseling Wellness Coaching
Allison Osborn, Psy.D.
Alvin Murphy
Amanda M. Beedy
Amanda Schneweis, LCMFT, LLC
Amber Gross Counseling
Amena Alicia Humphrey, PhD
Americare Behavioral Health LLC
Amy Bordelon-Freeman
Amy J. Colley Ph.D.
Amy Jenks, Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Amy Kammerer, LMFT
Amy Price Counseling
Anam Cara Therapies, PLLC
Anchor Counseling Center, Inc
Anderson Music Therapy
Andrea Gilkey LCSW Inc
Andrea Lehman, LCSW
Andrea Paquette, ARNP
Andy Markham LLC
Angela M. Steliga, LICSW
Angels Matter
Ann Beckley-Forest, LCSW-R
Ann LaBray, PsyD, PC
Ann Martin Counseling Inc
AnnMarie Saussy LCSW
Anna Fox, LLC
Anne Emmett Therapy Practice
Anne Geissinger, LMHC
Annelise Heitman, LMFT
Another Orgsss
Antioch Community Counseling & Psychology Clinic
Antoinette V Steinbarth LMHC
Apa promo tracker
Apex Neuropsychology Center
Applied Care Services
April Basham LLC
April Kilgour
Arah Gould, LPC
Arcadian Telepsychiatry
Archana Jajodia
Archway Child and Family Care
Ari Shesto, PhD
Art of Healing
Artemis Light Counselling Services
Artemisi Dono
Ashes Rising Counseling Services, LLC
Aspen Wind Counseling, LLC
Aspire Counseling & Coaching
Aspire Counseling and Coaching, PLLC
Aspire Mental Health LLC
Aspire Mental Health-SA Program
Associated Psychological Services
Associates in Counseling and Psychotherapy
Augustyn Family Services
Autumn Health Care
Ava M. Stone, Ph.D., P.C.
Awakening Your Spark, LLC
Awareness Practice LLC
Ayesha Mian, MD PLLC
Ayla Counseling and Wellness
B & T Partners LLC
BD Counseling
BG Christian Counseling Center
BG TEST90210
Baer and Wilson, LLC
Bainbridge Youth Services
Balanced Life Counseling Solutions
Barbara B. Shostak, Ph.D.
Bare of Hope Consulting & Counsel
Bariatric Counseling Solutions,LLC
Barnes Therapy Services, LLC
Barrett Gruffith Test
Base Behavioral Health
Bashah Psychological Services, PLC
Be Well Michigan Counseling
Beauchene Family Therapy LLC
Beautiful Minds
BeechWood ILS
BeechWood, Inc.
Behavior Talk LLC
Behavioral Health Partners
Behavioral Medicine & Health Associates
Behaviour Support
Belmont Psychological Services, A Psychology Corporation
Bend Counseling & Biofeedback
Bend Family Therapy, LLC
Bend Psychological Services
Bergen Therapy Associates LLC
Berko Psychological Associates
Beth Barnard, LCSW
Beth Trotta, LCSW
Blue Ridge Parenting
Bluegrass Professional Counseling
BobDick, PhD, PA
Branches Counseling Center
Branching Streams Psychotherapy
Brandon Teeftaller, APN
Brazos Covenant Ministries
Brenda Fraser, LICSW
Brian Englander LCSW P.A.
Briana Fox Counseling, LLC
Bridges Community Health, Inc
Bridgette Hagarty, Psy.D.
Bridgeway Counseling
Brigette Maas, LLC
Bright Future Counseling Services
Bright New Beginnings Counseling
Britt Anderson, Ph.D.
Brittany Bagy, LPC
Brittany K. Neef, Psy.D., LLC
Buell R. Barton Jr.
Buffie Eller
Bull City Behavioral Health
Burstein Rose PC
Burstein-Rose PC
C & C Psychological Services, PLLC
C & K Counseling
C. David Blair, PhD
CL Counseling LLC
CMS Test
CN Counseling, PLLC
CP Connect 2
CT Healing
Caaron Willinger LCSW
Cachara And Associates LLC
Cachara and Associates
Calmify Wellness Center
CanDo Counseling
Candice Sapiro Hicks, LMHC
Cape & Islands Cognitive Behavioral Institute LLC
Carepaths Demo
Caribbean community connection
Carla Huscher Counseling Services, LLC
Carly J Knapp, PhD
Carol Cole, LCSW
Carol Dell'Oliver
Carol Descutner, Ph.D.
Carol G. Fountain Wooten, M.A., PLLC
Carol L Carr, LPC, LLC
Carole W. Sebenick, Ph.D.
Carolinas Counseling Center
Carter Counseling & Consulting, PC
Cartersville Family Medicine
Caryn Banque, PsyD
Cascade Child and Family Center
Cassie Roche, MS, LMHC
Catherine B. Clemmer, LCSW
Catherine Burke Therapy
Catherine Cooney, LPC
Cathy Rosewell Jonas, LCSW
Cenneidigh Inc
Center For Positive Change
Center for Behavioral Solutions
Center for Cnsling. and Ed. of Medford
Center for Counseling and Education, LLC
Center for Creativity & Healing
Center for Family Healing
Center for Loss & Healing
Center for Renewed Minds
Central Florida Neuropsychology LLC
Chambers and Blohm Psychological
Chanda Camden, LCSW
Cherie Skillings
Cheryl L. Georges LICSW
Cheskis Family Therapy, LLC
Chicago Mind Solutions
Choices Counseling of Londonderry, LLC
Christian Healthcare Concepts
Christie Hawkes, LCSW
Christine Glenn Counseling
Christine Juliano, MSW, LCSW
Christopher Fisher, PhD, PC
Christopher Ford LSCSW LLC
Christopher Walken
Chuck Chapman, M.A.
Cira Center for Behavioral Health
Clair L. Goldberg, Psy.D.
Claire Babbitt, LMFT
Claire Pelham, LICSW
Clarifien Center LLC
Clarity Counseling Solutions, LLC
Clarity Counseling and Hypnotherapy, LLC
Claudia Melton, Inc
Clinica medica salud e integridad
Clinical Neuropsychology Associates
Coastal Counseling and Art Therapy
Community Caring Clinic
Compass Counseling Center, Pllc
Complementary Support Services
Complete Counseling
Confluence Therapy & Psychiatry
Connections Counseling M Adams,LCSW
Contemplative Counseling
Corey T. Therapy
Cornelia Waiau
Corner Post Counseling, PLLC
Cornerstone Counseling Services of Arizona
Cornerstone Therapy and Wellness
Counseling Connections of San Antonio
Counseling Office
Counseling Services of NE Portland, LLC
Counseling and Consulting Center
Counseling by Jonathan Getz
Counseling for Growth & Change
Counselor Brenda
Courtney Clark, LCMFT, LLC
Courtney Conroy, LICSW
Courtney Stewart, MA
Craig Kain, Ph.D.
Cross Cultural Counseling & Evaluation
Crossroads Counseling Group, LLC
Cynthia Buckner, APN, PMHNP-BC
Cynthia Nicholson-Guidry MSN, RN FNP: PMHNP
Cynthia Rohrbeck, PhD
D. Christine Frizzell, EDD
D. Michael Bruhn, LPC
DM Counseling LLC
DOH: Behavioral Health Services
DTMS Center, LLC
Dahlia Berkovitz, PhD, PLLC
Daily Behavioral Health
DallasTest Practice
DallasTest Practice123
Dan Keady Counseling
Dana A. Bontatibus, LMFT, LCPC, CSP
Dana M. Brenden
Danette Buchanan Pastoral Counseling
Danette Dollison-Johnson, MA, LPC, MT-BC
Daniel B Troia, LMHC
Daron Dickens, LMFT
Darren Aboyoun, PhD, LLC
David Gilles-Thomas, PhD
David L Johns LMHC
David Stetson LCSW, Inc
David W. Artzer, LSCSW
Dawn L. Yelk, LCSW
Dawn M. Hill, MA, LPC, LLC
Dawn Min, LICSW
Dawn of a New Day Pastoral Counseling
Dayspring Behavioral Health
Dayspring Center for Christian Counseling Services
Dayspring Counseling Services
Deb Christiansen Counseling
Deb Horton Counseling
Deborah DiLazzero, Psy.D.
Deborah Hinton
Deborah Howell Therapy
Deborah L. Pollack, PhD
Deborah La Fond LMFT
Decisions Counseling
Demo OQ
Demo: MHA
Demo: Upload
Denise Polacek, LCSW
Deschutes Counseling LLC
Desert/Mountain Children's Center
Destined by Design Counseling
Dewdrop Counseling
Diamond Mental Health
Diana C. Cuello, Ph.D
DianaChavez LLC
Diane M. DePalma, Ph.D.
Diane V. Stevens, MD
District Heights Family & Youth Services Bureau
District Heights YSB
Don McFerran PMHNP
Donna C Henderson LCSW
Donna C. Henderson, LCSW
Donna K. Hirt, LCSW, CADC III
Donna Purvis Ivey, Ph.D., LLC
Donna Williams, LPC
Doreen Nuessle, LCSWR
Doug Perry LLC
Douglas J. Opler, MD PC
Douglas W. Pullin, LCSW, LPC, LLC
Dr Kinsler & Associates LLC
Dr Spencer L Griffith LLC
Dr. Dawn Reilly, L.L.C.
Dr. Deanna Linville
Dr. Gary P. Monkarsh & Associates
Dr. Jennifer M. Huwe, Psy.D., LLC
Dr. Jessica L. Tommasi, LMHC
Dr. Kathryn M. Conway, L.L.C.
Dr. Manjit Khalsa
Dr. Nadia Delshad
Dr. Stella Verna, Ph. D.
Dr. Stephen S. Talley
Dr. White Therapy Group, LLC
Dr.Elizabeth Fazio & Associates, LLC
DrFirst Certification Site
Drumgoole Counseling Services, Inc.
Dulcy Neeley, LCSW
Duvall Counseling & Counsulting
Dynamic Change Counseling
ECU Family Therapy Clinic
East Side Counseling
Elements of Motivation
Elevate Wellness, LLC
Elisabeth Rice
Elite Counseling Services, LLP
Elizabeth Ann Leeberg, Ph.D., P.C.
Elizabeth Corsale, MFT
Elizabeth Lacasse
Elizabeth Mueller ARNP
Elizabeth Palmer, LCSW
Elizabeth Savage Psychotherapy LLC
Elizabeth Stuart Psychiatry
Ellen K. Slicker, PhD, Psychologist
Elliot Geller, LCSW, CGP
Embrace Life Counseling
Embrace Mental Wellness LLC
Embrace Therapeutic Services LLC
Emily Johnson Therapy
Emily Watters, M.D.
Empowering Poin
Empowering Youth Inc.
EnSpire Counseling & Wellness, LLC
Entreprise Counseling, LLC
Envision Counseling Center, LLC
Erica Hecht Kehrberg, LISW, LLC
Erica Weiss MD
Erickson Counseling Services, Inc.
Erie Family Health
Erik Morris PMHNP LLC
Erin A Russell
Erin E Gaudreault, LCSW
Eugene Therapy/Oregon Counseling
Evalyn Lawnsby, LMHC
Evelyn Evano, LPC, LMFT
Evolve Therapy
FBH Psychological Services, PLLC
Faith And Fly Psychiatric Practice
Fake practice
Family Art Therapy Center
Family Options
Family Psychology Associates, PC
Family Works Psychology
Family Works Social Work
Fifth Avenue Counseling
Financial District Therapy
Fine-Thomas Psychotherapy, PLLC
Firmly Rooted Counseling & Consulting
Five Bodies Counseling
Flow Through Therapy
Flynn and Owen Counseling Services
Focus C3, PC
For Living Consciously
Forward Psychology Group, LLC
Foundation Family Care P.C.
Framingham Counseling & Hypnotherapy
Frances Purcell-Abbott, LPC, NCC
Frauke C. Schaefer, MD, Inc.
Fresh Aire Samaritan Counseling Center
Ft. Campbell
Ft. Campbell Behav Hlth
Fulcrum Wellness
Full Circle Counseling & Coaching,LLC
Functional Psychological Services, LLC
G. Laverne Fesperman, MSW, LCSW
GFN Psychological Services
Gail Marhewka, LICSW
Gateway Psychiatric Services
Genesis Psychiatric Services
Georgia State University Psychology Clinic
Gerald Magaro, LMFT
Gertler & Gertler P.C.
Giles Keating, LMHC
Gili Hershkovich-Kim
Ginny Liwanpo, Psy.D.
Glass House
Glass House Counseling Agency
Glenn Burdick
Gloria J White PMHNP-BC
Goines Counseling And Consulting Services LLC
GoodChoice Counseling
Google Test
Gordon MacLean, Ph.D.
Gordon Weiss MD
Grace Counseling, PLLC
Great Day, Inc.
Greater MN Community Services
Greylock Mental Health
Grow Heal Love
Growth and Change Services Inc.
Grunblatt Psychology and Counseling Offices, P.C.
HG Counseling Associates
HOPE - Child and Family Counseling, Inc
HPFS Therapy
Hakiba Wellness
Hannah Charren-Diehl, LICSW
Harmonium Counseling Services
Harmonium, Inc.
Harmony Counseling, LLC
Harris Counseling Services
Hayne McMeekin MD
Healing & Wholeness
Healing Connections Therapy Center
Healing Source
Healing Steps Behavioral Health LLC
Healing Ways Counseling, PLC
Healthy Mind Psychological Services, LLC
Healthy Navigations
Heart Path Counseling
Heart's Journey Wellness Center
HeartWell Integrative Resources LLC
Heather Arsenault, LLC
Heather Johnson, LLC
Heather Scott, PhD, LLC
Heeren Family Therapy
Heidi M. Rodenberger, Psy.D.
Heidi Naumowicz
Heidi Saltzman PhD LLC
Helen McKibben
Helena Family Support, Inc.
Helping hands126
Hendrickson Counseling & Consulting, Inc.
Heyoka Counseling Service
Hillary Straus, MA, LMHC
Hillcrest Clinic, Inc
Hindy Levine
Holbert Consulting and Therapy
Hope & Outreach Therapy Services
Hope Counseling
HopeSprings Counseling Inc
Houston Psychotherapists
Hutson Psychotherapy, LLC
I Love Tacos
Impact Living Services
In-to-Mate Counseling Services
Independent Behavioral Health Group
Indigo Holistic Psychotherapy
Indy Counseling and Psychotherapy Services, P.C.
Ingrid Partenio PhD & Assoc
Inner Health Services, Inc
Insight Children Family Center
Inspired Conciousness
Institute for Life Renovation, LLC
Integrated Psych
Integrated Psychological Services Center
Integrated Therapeutic Services
Integrative Options
Integrative Services
Integrative Therapy
Integrative Trauma Treatment Center
Integritas Psychological Services, Inc
Integrity Behavioral Health
Integrity Psychological Services
Intrinsic Elements Psychotherapy
Introspections LLC
Irene Skowronek Ph.D.
Irit Feldman, Psy.D.
Ironwood Counseling and Psychological Services
J Wilkinson MD, Professional Corporation
J. Hal Rogers, Ph.D., P.C.
J. Scott Counseling
Jacalyn Kelly, LCSWR
Jack E. Barr Cntr for Well Being
Jackie Boggs, LMFT
Jackie Paris Counseling
Jackson County Behavioral Health
Jacob Towery, MD
Jacqueline DelVecchio
Jacqueline Rugg, APRN
James A.Foos, Psy.D. & Associates
James Heck,PhD
James P. Cooney, LCSW
Jane C. Probst Child and Family Counseling
Janice Noble LMHC
Jean Ellen Jones, LCSW
Jean Gargala Counseling
Jean Hynd
Jean Leslie LPCC LLC
Jean Thompson Vanlue, LLC
Jefferson Univ Couples & Family Therapy Program
Jemsa Sheriff
Jen A./Collaborative Counseling
Jen Estape, LLC
Jen Ransil, Licensed MFT
Jenelle Stone
Jennifer A. Kodrik, PsyD
Jennifer Belt
Jennifer Edmondson, LPC
Jennifer Jones, Psy.D.
Jennifer L. Cline LPC
Jennifer Lopas, LCSW, LLC
Jennifer Lusk Puerner, LPC, CAC III
Jennifer Malone, MFT #42564
Jennifer McKague, MS, LPC
Jennifer Moynihan, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Inc.
Jennifer R. Fedorov, LMFT
Jennifer Stubblefield, LMFT
Jennifer Wohl Counseling
Jessica I. Strang, Psy.D.
Jessica Kuttner
Jim Merriam, LMHC
Joan Kitten
Jodi Deeb
Jodie Rapping
Joel Brunner, LMHC
Joelle Stoltzfus
John Hardy, M.D., P.C.
John Milnes, MSW
John Townsend LICSW
John Zebrun MD
Johnna Pilipchuk, MA, LPA, GC-C
Jonna Gail Carson-Webb, Psy.D
Jose Alaniz
Josephine Pruch, LMFT
Jost Clinic
Journey Professional Counseling
Journey to Psychological Wellness, LLC
Joyce C. Morene, LPC
Judith L Pulliam, LCSW
Julia Griffin Terner Psychotherapy
Julie Branaugh LPC
Julie D Frederick PHD
Julie Dotson
Julie Paxton-Williams,LMSW
KHM Counseling
KLR Family Services
KMH Therapy LLC
Kadie Yannone, LICSW
Kali Martin
Kama Hiner Therapy
Kansas State University
Kara Myers, LCSW
Karen A Repasky, LLC
Karen Wrenn
Karim Healthcare
Karin Burden, LMFT, LADC
Karla I. Hayes
Karna Dawson, lcsw
Kasey B. Wojtek, PLLC
Kat Bernhoft, LLC
Katarina R Mansir, Psy.D.
Katarzyna Dlugosz
Katharyn Waterfield, LPC
Katherine Bentley-Knowles, APN
Katherine Kirstner, Inc
Katherine M Leonard PhD
Kathleen H. Smith, Psy.D.
Kathy Hardie-Williams LPC LMFT
Katie Schroeder, PLLC
Katrina Mercer, MA, LMHC
Katrina Zeljak LMFT
Kayte Conroy, PhD, LMHC
Kelly L Sullivan, LCSW
Kelly Norris, MA, LPC
Kelly Valente
Kendra Hughes
Kerry Rivard, LMHC
Kids Counseling Inc.
Kim D. Giltner, LCSW
Kim Gaitskill MD
Kimberly Gale-Flaherty, LMHC
Kristen Homan, LICSW
Kristen O'Shea, PhD
Kristen Pohlman Ph.D. Inc.
Kristie Vera Counseling
Kristin David Psy.D.
Kristina Carlson LMHC, LCDP
Kristina Hallett, PhD, ABPP
Kristy Norris
Kristyn Gregory, D.O., P.C.
Kurt C. Webb, Psy.D., LLC
Kurt Peters, MD
Kyle Kato, MD
L White Consulting, LLC
L. Jensen and Associates, Inc.
LEGACY Associates
LSC Therapy Group
LTB Institute for Empowerment
Lake Whitney Psychiatry
Lala Balajadia-Alcala
Lara Lohman Therapy
Laura K Kincaid LICSW
Laura Martin LPC
Laura McGraw-Cook, Ph.D.
Laura Moyer Counseling
Laura Moyer counselin
Laurel L. Shortell, LICSW
Lauren D. Alloy, LCSW
Lauren Flynn, LLC
Leafcrest Counseling
Lee Kinsey Counseling
Legacy Associates Counseling
Leiana Reyes
Leonard J. Tamura, Ph.D.
Leslie Pitchford PhD PC
Let Light In Counseling
Liberty Mental Health
Life Balance Ind., Couple, & Family Therapy, LLC
Life Resources, LLC
Life in Focus
LifeRoots Counseling
Liferefine Company
Lighthouse Counseling Services, Inc.
Like You Counseling Services
Lilia Romero-Bosch MD, LLC
Limitless Behavioral Health & ABA
Limitless Minds LLC.
Linda Heins LCSW LLC
Lindsay Harrow Pearlman, Psy.D.
Lisa B. Creef, LCSW, PC
Lisa Carlson, LMFT
Lisa Figueroa, LCSW
Lisa Neuenschwander, Ph.D.
Lisa Rochford, PhD
Lively Healthcare Solutions
Living Free Counseling
Living Playfully
Liz Faria, LICSW
Liz Villanueva, MS, LMHC
Long Grove Psychological Associates
Loren Andrews, LCSW
Lori Holt, APN
Lorven Child and Family Development
Los Feliz Psychological Services
Lotus Elder Care & Counseling
Luann M Martin, LCSW
Lynda Hynes Gagne, LCMHC
Lynn M. Shoreman, LICSW, LLC
Lynn Stone, PLLC
Madeleine Langman, PhD
Madeleine Simmons PMHNP
Maggie Dreyer, MSW, LCSWR
Maija Ryan
Making Therapy Better
Marcella Marcey, Ph.D.
Marcy Rosenberg, LMHC
Margaret (Peg) Beaton LCSW
Mari Alexander, LMFT
Maria-Christina Stewart, Ph.D.
Mariana Niemtzoff
Marina Kovarsky, LICSW
Marisa Nava, Ph.D
Marissa Maki, LMHC
Marissa Perrelli Brown, MSW, LCSW
Marit Appledoorn, LICSW
Marjorie HOelker
Mark DeLuca
Mark De Luca, M.D. Palm Beach Psychiatry Experts, Inc.
Mark McCarthy LPC
Mark Miller
Mark Steiner, LSCSW
Marlene Longdon
Marriage & Family Wellness Center
Martha Blake, MBA, NCPsyA Psychologist #1824
Martha Marchut
Mary Ann Davis, LCSW
Mary Ann Fahlstrom
Mary Ann Starkes, APRN
Mary Beth Petersen-Cleary, LCSWR
Mary Jo Sanders RN, LCSW
Mary K. Johnson, L.M.H.P., P.C.
Mary Lou Stewart, LCSW-R
Mary O'Brien, MA, LPC, NCC
Mass Behavioral Health Center
Matson Counseling Services LLC
Matthew Hart
Matthews Family Counseling
Max Psychiatry
Mayo Healthness
McKenzie & Associates LLC
Meegan Stamm, LCSWR
Meghann Darne, LCSW
Melinda Scime, Ph.D.
Melinda Soules, LCSW
Melissa Owens, LPC
Melissa Vogt, LICSW
Mended with Gold Counseling
Mental Wellness Counseling Solutions
Mercier Wellness Counseling Services, LLC
Meredith Joy Geck, LLC
Meridian Associates, LLC
Meridian Counseling Services
Meridiem Psychological Services Inc.
Metta LTD
Metta Psychotherapy LCSW PLLC
Miami Teen Counseling LLC
Michael Andrews Counseling LLC
Michael Brady Counseling
Michelle A. Worden, Professional Counseling
Michelle Claire Hill
Michelle Gaffney, LICSW
Michelle M. Kim, Ph.D.
Michelle Provost, LMHC
Michelle Whitley
Michelle Whitley, LPC
Michigan Psychological, PC.
Miguel Fraguela
Mike Vazzana, LPC
Mind Body Wellness Group, LLC
Mindful Solutions
Mindwell Psychology
Mindy Hedlund, Ph.D.
Modern Psychiatry PLLC
Modern Therapies for Mind and Soul, Inc.
Monica Levesque
Motivational Institute for Behavioral Health, LLC
Mountain Homes Youth Ranch
MovingAhead Counseling ServicesPLLC
My New Practice
Mytilee Vemuri, M.D.
NEK Counseling & Consultation, LLC
NW Behavioral Health Consultants
NW Counseling Associates, LLC
NY Covid Control
Nancy Curfman, LCSW
Nancy Fieldman, Ph.D.
Nancy H. Patten-Kline, DO LLC
Nancy Hoffman, LCSW
Nancy L.Arnesani, LMHC
Natalie A. Glowacki
Ned Flanders Incfghdfghfgd
Neubauer Mental Health Services, APC
Neuro Force Inc.
Nevada Mercy and Care Inc
Never Give up behavioral health services
New Beginnings Mental Health PLLC
New Beginnings Today
New Beginnings Today LLC
New Day Psychiatric Services
New Directions
New Hope Counseling Center
New Life New Journey
New Org
New Priorities Family Services
New Visions BHA
New Wellness Associates, Inc
New practice in FLorida
Next Gen Counseling & Coaching
Next Step Counseling Services
Nichole Aumann Psy.D. L.C.P.C.
Nicole Bereolos, PhD, MPH
Nina Zurawski LCSW
Nirmal Conforti, LCSW
Nisreen Mandilawi, Psy.D.
Nitin Rajhans, MD PLLC
Nora B. Krause, L.C.S.W., L.L.C.
North Carolina Hoslitic Psychiatry
North Haven Community Services
North Las Vegas Behavioral
Northampton Counseling
Northern Integrated Health, Inc
Northwest DBT, LLC
Notable Life Counseling Services
Nova Psychiatry, Inc.
OIC Counseling Services, Inc.
ONC Round 3asdfasdf
ONC Test Site
ONC Testing
Oak Tree Counseling
Oakwood Counseling Center LLC.
Oasis Mental Health
Old River Associates
Outback Therapeutic Expeditions
Outcomes Counseling Services
Overcash Therapy Services, PLLC
Ozarks Counseling Center
Pacific Sky Counseling
Paige Y. Leopold, Ph.D.
Palo Alto Cntr for Mind Body Health
Pam Garner, LPC
Pamela K Smith, LPC
Pamela Lyss-Lerman, MD
Pamela Moore PMHNP LLC
Pando Geriatric Counseling
Paradise Behavioral health center
Paris ISD Special Services
Pathways Counseling Solutions, PLC
Pathways of WNY
Pathways to Change Counseling
Patience D. Stevenson, D.Min., LMFT
Patricia A. Jones, LCSW, PLLC
Patricia Frischtak, MD
Patricia J Bastani P.C.
Patricia M. Bjorkquist, Ph.D. Psychologist
Patrick A. Quigley, Ph.D., LSAC
Patrick Quigley, PhD, LISAC
Patterson Army Health Clinic
Patty Cowan, M.A., LMLP
Paul A. Suarez, MS, PMHP
Paul Wilson LCSW-R
Paula J Jameson, LPC
PayPal Payments
Peace Tree CC
Peace and Power Counseling LLC
Peaceway Counseling
Peachtree Clinical Services, LLC
Pearl Street Offices
People House
Perfected Medical & Consulting
Peter L Brantner LMHC LLC
Pocono Psychological Services
Portland Lifestyle Counseling
Portland Personalized Counseling
Portland Psychotherapy
Positive Adjustments
Positive Direction Inc.
Potters Behavioral Medicine Clinic
Power of Connection
Practice Name
Prague Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
Premier Professional Group
Prism Counseling and Consulting
Psychiatric Associates, LLC
Psychiatric Consultants, Inc.
Psychiatric Momentum LLC
Psychological Health Center of Suffield
Psychological Services
Psychology Associates, PLLC
Psychotherapy & Counseling Center
Psychwest, Clinical & Forensic Psychology, Inc.
Puna Solutions
Purdy Psychology, LLC
Q Counseling Services
Quest Community Counseling Services
R. Andrew Barram
RWT Clinic
Rachel Lively
Rachel Smith
Rachel Vaughn, PsyD. PLLC
Ralph Jaffe, Psy.D.
Randa Gahin, LMFT, LPC
Randolph Family Crisis Center
Reaching Maximum Potential, Inc.
Rebecca Kearney, LMHC
Rebecca Keolanui
Rebecca Robinett Sloan, LISW, LLC
Rebecca U. Romo, Psy.D.
Reconciliation Ministries In-Home Therapy
Recover Health Resources
Redeemer Counseling Services
Reflective Therapy
Relational Counseling Center, LLC
Relationship Gardening
Renewed Hope Counseling Service
Resources For Human Development
Respire Behavioral Health
Restorative Brain Center Inc
Restorative Brain Clinic, Inc.
Restore Therapy
Reunification Works LLC
Rhonda Peers, LLC
Ricci Psychology of the Palm Beaches
Richard S. Shapiro Ph.D.
Risa Swell, LCSW, CEAP, LLC
Rite of Passages Counseling Services, LLC
Ritu Anand, LCSW
River Centre Counseling
River View Counseling, pllc
Robert B. Goos
Robert Glejzer, LCMHC
Robert McIlwain, LMFT, LHMC
Robyn Rose
Roderick Anscombe, M.D.
Roderick anscombe MD
Root Down Counseling
Rose Justian, LMSW
Roseann Hannon, Ph.D.
Rosemarie Chernesky Holland
Rosimery Bergeron
Ross Cohen, MA, LPC, LLC
SDSU Psychology Clinic
SLS Counseling
SMH Associates, LLC
Sabrina Herman,LICSW
Sacred Earthbound Journey
Safe Harbor Christian Counseling
Saint Louis University
Salem Hope and Wellness LLC
Salem Psych Associates
Salem Psychological Services
Salem Psychology Associates
Salt and Light Counseling
Samaritan Counseling Center SWGA
Samaritan Counseling Center of East Texas, Inc.
Sanders Psychological Services
Sandra Eng, PhD, PLLC
Sandra Quezada Psychotherapy
Sandra Stradley, MSW PC
Sandra Vander Linde, MS, LMFT
Santa Fe Psychology, LLC
Sapphire Counseling, LLC
Sara DeLong MD
Sara Goodman LSCW
Sara James
Sara Pattavina Moulton LIMHP, P.C.
Sara Ryerson, LCSW
Sarah E. Nelson, LCSW
Sarah Jane Chaplin, MS, LCMHC, LLC
Sashi Putchakayala, MD
Sawyer Solutions
Schlutter and Associates
Scott L. Fenton, PsyD, LLC
Seaside serenity counseling, LLC
Selah Services, LLC
Serena Verolla, PLLC
Serendib Psychological Services
Serenity Behavioral Health LLC
Serenity Mental Health
Sharon Chatkupt Lee, Psy.D.
Sharon Moran
Shay Scholtes, LLC
She Soars Psychiatry, LLC
Sheade Psychotherapy, PLLC
Sheehan Gendron, LLC
Sheri G White, Psy.D.,PC
Sid Epperson, Ph.D.
Signs of Change Counseling
Silicon Valley Psychiatry, LLC
Sireesha Kolli, MD LLC
Smockville Counseling
Social Work Consulting, LLC
Solutions Therapy
Some Org
Some Orgs
Sound Mind Mental Health Inc
Southcoast Counseling Associates
Southern Psychiatric Practice
Southwest Behavioral
Spectra LLC
Spero Psychological Services
Spilman & Associates LLC
Springfield Counseling
Stacey C. Stevens, MS, LMHC
Staci Short
Stacy M Molli LPCC, Ltd
StarHaus Psychotherapy, PLLC
Starbird Psychology
Stefania Fynn-Aikins
Stefanie Maxwell, PsyD, PC
Stephanie B Holland
Stephanie Cobb Kinney, LIMHP
Stephanie Costello LCSW
Stephanie Jones
Stephanie S. Russell, Psy.D.
Stephen Aquino, Psy.D.
Stephen Tobin
Stephens Behavior Consulting, LLC
Stepping Stone Counseling
Stepping Stones Psych Services PLLC
Steve Sarche, DO
Strength in Healing Counseling, LLC
Strong Minds Addiction & Recovery
Stuart Levy LCSW
SuperPsych Learn. Assess. and Treat
Surescripts Test Site
Susan A Berger - Telehealth
Susan Cohen LICSW
Susan Danehy, LPC
Susan F. Dumas LICSW
Susan Houts, LISW, LLC
Susan Maria Loreto West, Ph.D.
Susan P. Cetlin, Ph.D.
Susan Rosen, LCSW
Susan Schulz LCSW
Susan Ulbright
Susan Yost
Susannah Castle, Psy.D.
Susquehanna Valley Community MHS
Suzanne Daub LCSW
Suzanne Ponsioen Therapy
Suzanne Stubblefield, Ph.D.
Swansea Center for Psychotherapy
Swansea Psychotherapy
Synapse Counseling LLC Integrative Wellness, Peak Performance & Coaching
Syntropy LLC
Talk To Me, Inc
Tega Cay Psychiatric Associates, P A
Temple University Episcopal Hospital
Teni Garrett-Johnson, Ph.D.
Teras Intervention and Counseling Inc.
Terri J. Haven, MSW, LICSW
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The Center for Change, LLC
The Foundation For Integrated Care
The Groves Counseling Center
The Guild For Human Services
The Journey Clinic
The NeuroAssessment Centre
The NeuroAssessment Centre, LLC
The Pinnacle Center for Mental Health and Human Re
The Samaritan Counseling Ctr of SW GA
Therapeia, LLC
Therapeutic Solutions
Therapy Your Way, PLLC
Theresa Rembert, LPCC-S
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Timothy C. DeMott, M.A.
Timothy Coy, Ph.D.
To Indy, With Love, LLC
Todd Counseling
Todd Levine, MD
Tracy Bryce Farmer, LCSW, PC
Transformations Counseling Services
Transitions Counseling
Travis Taylor, LPC Counseling Services
Tressa Ryan Counseling & Coaching
Triangle Child Psychology, PLLC
Tricia James, LCSW
Trinity Behavioral Health, LLC
Trinity Counseling Center
True Light Counseling, LLC
UC Health & Wellness
US VETS Las Vegas
UT Vet Social Work
Undividual Inc
University Health Center
University of Kansas
Utica Mental Health Counseling
Utica Mental Health Counseling PLLC
Valley Counseling
Valley Health Center
Vandana Aspen
Velez Psychiatric Services
Via Counseling & Consulting
Vicki Murphy
Vicki Conner
Vorpahl Psychology Associates, LLC
W Glenn Bordelon
WSUPG Dept. of Psychiatry
WSUPG-Psychiatry Trauma Recovery Center
Wasatch Family Therapy, LLC
Washington Behavioral Medicine Associates, LLC
We Care
Wear & Associates, Inc.
WellHealth Clinic
Wellspring Approach Counseling
Wendy Eaves, Ph.D.
Wendy L Thompson, PhD, PLLC
Whitesell and Associates, Inc
Whole Health Psychological
Wilder Therapy and Wellness
Willamette Sky Counseling
Willamette Valley Counseling, LLC
Willamette Valley E and E
Wisdom Within Counseling
Women's Mental Health Associates & Health Psychology Solutions
Woolwich Central School
Wooten & Associates,PLC
Worcester Academy
Xavier Services LLC
Yoches Consulting, LLC
You and M.E. Counseling LLC
Your Vision Achieved
Yurk Counseling Services LLC
Zana Zeigler, LPC
Zen Educational Therapy
ZenBees Psychiatry
Zenaida Kleiner, M.S., LMFT
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