In a few weeks Carepaths will roll out an online therapy app that allows clinicians to interact with clients via secure text messaging and teletherapy.

Messaging therapy has grown rapidly in the last few years and has enabled clinicians to provide treatment to remote clients and to those who prefer the convenience of this modality.

You can use this app in two ways. First, as a CarePaths EHR user you can use these features with your existing clients. Second, you can receive referrals of clients we recruit through the CarePaths Online Therapy service.

The Online Therapy service will work this way: CarePaths markets the service and matches clients with therapists. Therapy is conducted on the site via secure messaging and teletherapy. Clients are able to message their therapists 24/7. Clinicians respond to clients on a set schedule, either daily or three times a week.

Clinicians participate in the service as independent providers and not as employees of CarePaths.

The service will be exclusively fee for service. Clients will pay for the service via Credit Card on a monthly subscription basis. CarePaths will collect payment and will reimburse clinicians. Clinicians will be reimbursed about 80% of fees collected (most other online services, e.g. and pay clinicians only 50% of fees collected). CarePaths will use it’s portion of the fees collected to defray marketing and administration costs.

Clinicians will boost their income by filling unused hours, while eliminating the need for claims, billing, and paperwork. CarePaths EHR users will receive preference to join the network. We want to insure that participants have sufficient business to make participation professionally and financially rewarding.

If you are a licensed clinician and interested in the program please email us at: Please indicate if you are interested in being a beta tester.